Bucatini candle holder (Beige Matte)

1.111,00 kr

The brushed aluminum candle holder is a good choice for those who prefer a rough, industrial aesthetic for their decorative objects in the home.
Working largely with aluminum, (a.o.t.) experiments with the material’s malleability in unexpected ways, molding sharp angles and smooth curvatures to offer a unique display of depth and dimension, which this candleholder is a perfect exsample of.

All of (a.o.t.)s aluminium tube objects are named after a pasta. Aluminium tubes acts like a spaghetti. When it is cold it is hard and when it is warm it is soft. Their Bucati and Bucatini candle holders come in matte and in shiny just like pasta when it is dry and wet.

(a.o.t.) short for “among other things” is a conceptual design enterprise based in Copenhagen that challenges conventional ways of making and producing through its utilitarian homeware goods. Their products are not limited to their utilitarian purpose, but are designed to stand out and make a statement. They aim to create objects that endure and have meaning beyond their practical use, challenging our perception of what they are and how we interact with them. Primarily using aluminum as their material of choice, molding sharp angles and smooth curvatures to create pieces that are visually impressive with depth and dimension.
Their production is primarily based in Denmark for environmental, geopolitical, economical, and socio-relational reasons. (a.o.t.) launched their first collection of handmade aluminum candleholders in September 2021.
By infusing Scandinavian design with a geometric flair, (a.o.t.) produces artful decor that appeals to contemporary tastes. Their designs are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, showcasing a unique approach to materials and design principles.

Handcrafted sculptural aluminium candle holder.

30 x 30 x 27 cm (approx.)

Part of the primi collection.

Made in Denmark.

Care Instructions Always handle with care. Clean with damp cloth. Don't clean with sharp objects. Don't put in the dish washer. Don't put in the oven.

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