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Customized Cowboy Boot Vase

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Through a collab between Generazione Zordan and RIORIO studio, we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to create your very own customized Cowboy Boot Vase. You can either choose to have the 'Fragile Cowboy Boot' as pictured or design your own unique version that reflects your preferences in terms of text, color and pattern.

Simply add the desired boot to your shopping bag at no cost to you, and RIORIO studio will be in touch with you or send an email directly to RIORIO studio with your design choices, and we'll let you know if your design is possible. Please note that each vase is made to order, so it may take up to 2-4 weeks before delivery.

The price per vase is 1500 DKK/ €200 EUR

The protagonist is clay, a natural material that is modeled and decorated entirely by hand with one-of-a-kind colors. The high quality and resistance of the ceramic allow both water and earth to be inserted inside the cowboy boot vase, thus preserving the properties of plants and flowers for a long time.

Generation Zordan is created by Gloria Zordan. The Cowboy Boots are all handmade in Italy by slow processing methods, reflecting the brand's dedication to quality and traditional craftsmanship. 
At the heart of Zordan Generation is the commitment to sustainability and recycling. The ceramic works are crafted with 50% eco-sustainable manufacturing procedures, emphasizing the naturalness of the material itself.

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