Keef Palas

Keef Palas Wine Glass

1.000,00 kr

The wine glass is made by shell and glass wine cup.

Crafted by master glassworker Ferran Collado, the Liquor collection combines natural wonders with high-quality glasswork.

"Keef Palas shell glasses pay hommage to the lands of surrealism were we have the privilege to live in: Mallorca and Mexico. It is also an ode to the Renaissance Nautilus cup and an evidence to our own eternal fascination for the ocean. Our latest Liquor collection combines the wonders of the natural world with the high-quality glasswork of craftsman master Ferran Collado. Cheers to these worldly treasures!" - Keef Palas

Hand wash only - These glasses require gentle hand washing for proper care and maintenance. Avoid using a dishwasher to ensure their longevity and preserve their delicate craftsmanship.

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