Key Hanger

615,00 kr
The frustration of misplacing your keys can be a thing of the past with our aluminum key holders. By placing your keys in their designated spot upon entering your home, you will always know where they are when you need to leave. Our key holders provide both practicality and style, with a sleek 70s design reminiscent of Eero Aarnio's Ball Chair. Use it to organize and store items like lip balm, hand cream, jewellery, wallets, headphones, or gloves in the entranceway, or even hang a bag, scarf, jacket, or leash. The possibilities are endless with the functional wardrobe ball key hanger.

aluminum, mirror-polished Ø 12 cm. Weight & measures Weight: 10,617 gr Dimensions: Length: 5 inch Width: 5 inch Height: 5 inch

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