Lærke Bagger strik

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Lærke Bagger challenges traditional notions of perfection in both people and knitwear, incorporating mistakes into her designs and allowing them to shine. Her designs are colorful, vibrant, and suitable for both children and adults. She is a highly acclaimed textile designer and hand-knitting specialist who has devoted her life to knitting and has gained worldwide recognition for her work. Additionally, her book is not just a guide to knitting, but also a personal story of taking risks, turning setbacks into strength, and relaxing while creating something beautiful along the way.

"Just tie knots" is a quote from Lærke Bagger that reflects her approach to finishing her knitted designs. Instead of neatly weaving in ends, she ties knots as a deliberate design element, embracing the imperfection and rawness of the knots. This unconventional approach is a part of her overall philosophy of rejecting perfection and embracing mistakes as a natural part of the creative process. It adds a quirky and unique touch to her designs and sets her apart in the world of knitting and fashion. Learn Lærke Bagger's techniques and create stunning knitted designs with 15 patterns, ranging from socks to a knitted evening gown. With basic and advanced knitting techniques, this book caters to all levels of experience, and features over 55 illustrated techniques.

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HardcoverPages 272


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