Beatriz Jardinha

Necklace Constance

9.200,00 kr

This necklace has so many stories hidden inside, you want to know more, it make you reflect on what the talented jewllery designer Beatrix Jardinha was thinking when creating this true piece of jewellery art. You just want it to cuddle your neck and cheast all day.

Beatriz Jardinha is a Portuguese jewellery designer who blends ancient and raw techniques with ethereal concepts to create unique pieces.  

In 2020, Beatriz Jardinha established her eponymous atelier in Lisbon where she designs, makes and reproduces every piece by hand, which ensures that her small-scale production process is sustainable.

Her style reflects her free-spirited disposition towards life, with each piece more of an exploration of an idea than a finished product. Beatriz's work features unpolished gems and symbols from ancient mythology, religion, and esotericism.

Her work is inspired by her travels to India and Peru, where she had the opportunity to learn silversmith and filigree techniques from old masters.

Each piece is a reflection of her creative philosophy and deep appreciation for the natural world, making them truly one-of-a-kind.                                       

Onyx, freshwater pearls, iolite and rhodolite.
Length 40 cm

17g | 24k gold vermeil

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