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Reflections Journal

225,00 kr

The Reflections Journal is more than just a notebook, it's a self-care tool that's been created with intention to help you reflect and explore your inner self. With its thoughtful and structured approach, it guides and inspires you to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness. Every day, you'll find new prompts that encourage contemplation on important questions related to your values, goals, and aspirations. And in addition to that, each entry provides you with space to engage in free-form reflection and self-expression.

Numerous benefits are associated with a consistent reflection practice. Research suggests that reflective writing can improve our mental health and well-being, helping us to process experiences, regulate emotions, and enhance our self-awareness. By taking the time to reflect on our lives, we can gain insights into our values and priorities, as well as develop greater clarity on our goals and aspirations.

The Reflections Journal is a hardcover, fabric-bound notebook that comes in a beautiful deep blue color. Its small and lightweight design makes it easily portable, fitting neatly into a shoulder bag or backpack. The elegant design includes a variety of prompts and questions, as well as lined pages for reflection. Whether you choose to engage with the prompts on a daily basis or simply as the mood strikes, the Reflections Journal provides a powerful tool for cultivating greater self-awareness and mindfulness.

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