Matilde Digmann


1.600,00 kr

Give your meals some teeth with the Saltigator salt cellar! Say 'Salt ya later, alligator' to boring food. Life is too short to settle for boring meals, and what's better than good salt to bring out the flavors in your favorite dishes?

Handmade by Matilde Digmann in Copenhagen, one-of-a-kind.

Matilde Digmann, also known as Mat, is a gender fluid artist and author with a multidisciplinary approach. Mat's work focuses on shadow work, graphic storytelling, contemporary sculpture, and performance. Mat's artistic practice is rooted in two main principles: exposing things we typically try to keep in the dark and addressing biased structures in society. Additionally, Mat works to better the artistic community through the Shadow Work Podcast and graphic novels, such as Pseudo and the upcoming Bad Boys, which aim to heal those affected by growing up in a capitalist patriarchy.             

Handmade in ceramic

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